11 Best TV Shows Every Woman Should Watch At Least Once

Television characters are legends and they live forever in our memories. We live and learn though their mistakes. But with so many great shows we have shortlisted 11 of them which you just can’t miss.

1. Sex and the City

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The story of four single girlfriends going through the heartbreak, love, lust and most importantly life in the beautiful backdrop of New York City. This show answers all the question of sex obviously and shows why friends are called our family. Plus you will fall in love with the fashion of this show.

2. 2 Broke Girls

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So, in our 20,s we have big dreams even bigger parties to attend but a very small salary. The story of this show is super relatable. With two friends trying best to make the most of a tiny salary dealing with life, in general, is just hilarious to watch.

3. Friends

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I am sure you have heard a lot about this show already. So, what are you waiting for? Download the ten seasons and get ready to have six best friends for life. This is one TV show you can always turn to have a good laugh after a hard day at work.

4. Pretty Little Liars

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If you love a bit of a mystery then, this is the show for you. Revolving around a murder of a girl who knew all the secrets of her four friends.  But now the four friends are recklessly threatened with their dark secrets. The show about trust, secrets, and truth is a must watch with your girlfriends.

5. Drop Dead Diva

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Imagine a perfect life and a perfect body, but within seconds all of it gets exchanged with a very haphazard life. A story of mistaken identity will give you some great laughs and powerful insights. In our 20’s we feel our looks matter a lot let this show teach you how beauty is on the inside.

6. Revenge

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This is a show about a woman out to get revenge for the injustice done the to her father. A kickass strong protagonist will teach you how to balance the emotions with a motive. Her ardent lover for her father will have you calling yours and thanking him for everything he’s done for you.

7. Gilmore Girls

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The show revolves around a mother and daughter living alone battling life one day at a time. The ups and downs will have you smiling and give your mom a big hug. I highly recommend you binge watch this show with your mommy dearest.

8. Grey’s Anatomy

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This show is about growth. From interns to now specialist doctors this show deals with everything we have to go through in life love, career, friends, cheating and everything in between. You can’t help but get addicted this show.

9. Orange Is The New Black

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Drown yourself in a new female world that is behind bars. This show is about women in jail trying to do everything they can. From taking charge to exploring sexuality and fighting for freedom. These women are inspiring and empowering at the same time.

10. Modern Family

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This show is about a dysfunctional family who with their antics will leave you in splits. But always with a heartwarming message in the end that tells us why a family is the most important thing on the planet.

11. Make It Or Break It

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The show about top gymnasts trying to make it to the Olympics. The competitive spirit will immediately relate your working space, and it’s the survival of the fittest. You will rise, fall and learn with our athletes as they go through life.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather around your girlfriends and your sisters and get ready to make memories for life.