11 Inspired Bridal Looks From India For 2017

Every little girl dreams of her perfect wedding. The prince charming who will come and sweep her off her feet. A wedding for a girl is her day to change her dream into reality. Brides take their attire, decoration and even food very seriously, after all, it is their day. They are the center of attention. A wedding for a bride is the time to shine and make memories for the rest of her lives. She wants to always look back on that wonderful day when she celebrated her love with everyone important in her life.

An essential thing for a girl about to get married is her bridal dress. Every year new trends surface confusing the to be brides as to which one to opt. Well to give you a broader perspective, we have collected the top eleven looks which are not only trending but also are in touch with the true Indian roots and heritage. We have crafted 11 inspired bridal looks with a perfect balance of class and culture just for you.

1.The Bong Bride:-

The Bong Bridal Looks 2017

Source :- The Wedding Story

I am sure you all remember the Bipasha Basu look from her wedding. The bong brides wear a silk lehenga. Red and golden combination being an important part of the ensemble. The important accessory is the tiara on her head making her look like a real queen. With Alta on her feet plus a big bold bindi and not to forget the red and white dots over her eyes just make a bride of infinite beauty.

2.The Sikh Bride

The Sikh Bridal Look 2017

Source :- Tanishq

If you are a girl with no fuss and your dressing style is centered around comfort. Then this look is for you. A Patiala Suit in the shades of pink is all you need. With a big mang tikka and Punjabi jutti. Henna being the key factor the darker, the better. With this attire, you will be free to move around and dance like a boss at your wedding.

3.Rajputana Bride

Rajputana Bride look

Source :- Flickr

If you love history and have always been in awe of the royal family, then this look is for you. The regal look is of rich colors and heavy gold. The whole attire has intricate embroidery, and you will feel like the royal princess.

4.Muslim Bride

Muslim Bride Look

Source :- Pinterest

Ditch the lehenga and go for the better alternative that is a shrara. It’s perfect for tall and thin brides. The dark green color being pivotal here with golden work. Minimal jewelry and a side Jhumar. Your attire will be truly unique and different from all the other brides.

5.Blue Bride

Blue Bride

Source :- Wedmegood

If you truly want to break the barriers and do something unconventional for your bridal outfit, then ditch the usual colors and go blue. This is a trend which has recently started and is soon catching on. Choosing the color blue with silver embroidery is not only a perfect combination but will surely make you a bride that everyone will remember.

6.The “I Do” Bride

Christian Wedding Dress

If you are the one who has been largely influenced by Hollywood and have always wanted a church wedding then, a white gown is what you need. An important tip to remember is that while picking your dress always make sure it compliments your figure and body type. Add a perfect pair of heels, and you are good to go.

7.The South Indian Bride

The South Indian BrideDown south people are very simple and live a very modest life. The same is reflected in their wedding attire. They opt for pure cream or white ensemble sari with a golden blouse. With the trademark Gajra in their hair. The brides look very refreshing and humble.

8.Saree Bride

If you don’t want to go the regular way of lehenga because the truth being one might never wear that again. Then you can also opt for a more traditional way to go that is adorn a saree. It’s a classic, timeless piece which has stayed evergreen for decades.

9.Kashmiri Bride

Source :- Bollywood Shaadi

The dogri or Kashmiri bride always opts for warm colors like orange or yellow. Gold being present in abundance. What stands them apart is the Pheran they wear with a turban on their head. It’s a traditional costume which is a dress and looks stunning. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of her.

10.Marathi Mulgi

Source :- whatknotin

The iconic Nauvari saree from Maharashtra is a great way to go for the bridal look as well. You will instantly feel the difference. This draping style is very nouveau and will set you a class apart instantly.

11.The Floral Bride

The Floral BrideThe new trend is the beautiful flowers on the outfit instead of embroidery. The floral lehenga is extremely high on fashion and is different from the regular outfits. You can wear a flower crown as a headgear to complete the look.