11 Kickass Lipstick Shades For Dusky Women

Lipsticks and girls are inseparable. Regardless weather you are a make-up junkie or a next door girl or even a tomboy. A Kickass Lipstick Shades are as important to us as oxygen. A vibrant touch of color brightens up our face instantly. As Indians we are famous for being dusky beauties and truly living up to our name we wear that tag with elegance and grace. So for all the Desi girls out there. We have made a list of lip shades that you must include in your vanity case ASAP.

1. Red

Kickass Lipstick Shades

One of the most trusted lipstick shade which works every time is red. When in doubt just pop out a hot red shade. I am sure you will never be disappointed. This color instantly illuminates your face complimenting the dusky color.

2. Chocolate Brown

Kickass Lipstick Shades

Pic Credit: IMBB

This one is highly recommended for woman who love high street fashion. It’s a myth that dark shade lipsticks don’t gel well with dusky skin tone. In fact the rich chocolate brown gives a very sexy look perfect for a night of clubbing or a dinner date.

3. Subtle Orange

Kickass Lipstick Shades

Pic Credit: Huffington Post UK

The orange lip shade has been trending quite a bit and this trend is here to stay. So, very subtle and light shade of orange will work wonders. The is one of the best Kickass Lipstick Shades, which is suitable for day events like a picnic or a day out with friends.

4. Burgandy

Kickass Lipstick Shades

Pic Credit: Marie Clair

If you love to experiment then don’t ditch this color. This one is great for night parties. The  color instantly gives a very sophisticated look to the face and if styled well with the correct clothes you can end up looking like a true diva.

5. Coral Pink

Marie Clair

Pic Credit: Chick on the Street

This one is recommended for your everyday look. Nothing beats the soft pink lips. The coral color shows your skin tone very naturally. Giving your face a nice warm glow.

6. Bronze

Kickass Lipstick Shades

Pic Credit: StyleCraze

This lip shade highly compliments your skin tone. It’s extremely versatile and will work well on both day and night events. It can give you a very cool fresh face look.

7. Brown Red

Kickass Lipstick Shades

Pic Credit: Stylish Craze

This shade will set you apart if used right. This color makes your complexion stand out. This shade is highly recommended if you are going to be attending a damily function or a festival or the big fat Indian wedding.

8. Taupe

Kickass Lipstick Shades

Pic Credit: Makeup Tutorials

This color is for the girls who love the simple look. This lip shade merges extremely well with your natural skin tone. Giving you a very natural look. Additionally this lip shade also brings out the eyes. So, a great way to experiment with eye make up.

9. Mauve

Kickass Lipstick Shades

Pic Credit: Deeze Magazine

If you loved burgundy then, you will also fall for mauve. Both these colors loud and bold. You are guaranteed to make a fashion statement with these colors. Once you have the courage to wear this lip shade we feel you will get addicted to it.

10. Nude

Kickass Lipstick Shades

Pic Credit: Beautylish

We would recommend this shade to a working professional. As the name suggests its very light and looks transparent. So, a very subtle yet a powerful choice to wear to an office.

11. Bright Pink

Kickass Lipstick Shades

Pic Credit: Youtube

This one is suitable for every woman. This color is sure to make your smile a dazzling one. The bright pink works well even if your whole face is naked. This color makes sure that you r face catches everyone’s eye.

We suggest that you stock up all these Kickass Lipstick Shades in your in your vanity case. Because when everything else fails, always remember lipstick prevails.