7 Hottest Bridal Henna Trends Of 2017

As the old folklore goes the darker the henna color the more the newly wed bride will be loved by her mother in law and husband. The Times have changed now. The new saying is the prettier the henna the better the Instagram pictures. The bride has to look the absolute best on her D-day and her mehandi has a big part in that.

We all know that no Indian bride is completely ready without henna on her hand. Mehandi is the epitome of married women in our land. It’s a tradition which has been passed down for many centuries and we Desi girls wear it with class. In fact, this is one of the very few trends that even western world has copied from us. But no one does Bridal henna better that Indians.

So, if your wedding is around the corner then, we have you covered with the latest trending designs and patterns of henna.

1. Portrait Mehandi

Bridal Henna

Pic Credit: StyleCraze

It’s one design which is majorly trending nowadays. The palm of bride’s hands is covered with a portrait of a groom and his bride. A lot of creative brides are even getting the portrait made of herself and her husband to be on her hands. This is a super unique idea but make sure that that your henna artist has a good hand. Take aid of an expert only.

2. Traditional

Bridal Henna

Pic Credit: pintrest

If you love going all ethnic then completely Desi even with your bridal henna design. Use of paisleys and peacocks is the mark of a typical Indian bridal henna pattern. The full hands with your to-be husband’s name hidden skillfully are something that every bride dreams off. The good thing about traditional designs is that it will suit you. Just trust your Mehandi designer on this one.

3. Rose Mehandi

Bridal Henna

Pic Credit: kulsum kureem

We all are well aware of the fact that rose is the flower of love. So, if your love story is a cute one where you were purposed with a rose then, why not resonate it in your henna design. There is no denying the fact that Rose is an aesthetic flower. We assure you that this design will look fabulous and the secret will be only between you and the groom.

4. White Mehandi

Bridal Henna

Pic Credit: womentriangle

A new trend which is slowly but surely catching on to all Indian brides. As the name suggests, this henna is white in color. It gives a great contrast to our Indian skin tone. If you are an unconventional bride who loves to break the traditional barriers, then we strongly suggest that this idea is for you. Make sure you complete your research before taking this decision. Try it before the wedding so; you know beforehand about the allergies if any.

5. Message Mehandi

Bridal Henna

Pic Credit: buzzfeed

Want to give a message to your groom without having to say it? Why not write it. The text henna designs are gaining popularity. The message can be hidden or out in the clear. Cute messages like “I Love You” or “We Are Getting Married. Or even “You’re wedding date.” This cute henna design will make your groom smile throughout the ceremony.

6. Floral Mehandi

Bridal Henna

Pic Credit: pintrest bryantlargent

This one is perfect for a typical girly girl. Floral design is evergreen they will never go out of fashion. This design works with all sort of bridal wear. So, if you are confused about the henna design then opt for this one as this will never disappoint you

7. Glitter Henna

Bridal Henna

Pic Credit: flickr

If you are a girl, who loves some shine, then this one is for you.  I am sure that glitter mehandi is something that you must have seen around. Well, this trend is here to stay. This will give a much-needed sparkle to your hands perfect for the Indian bride.

With these amazing trends in town. I am sure you are already super excited to get married. Well, one important tip is that research well. Make sure you love your henna design after all it’s your day.