7 Trending Hairstyles Of 2017

One of the most possession of a girl has to be her hair. We love them. Hence, we are super careful when we experiment with it. So, if you plan to go dramatic with your hair this year. Then, don’t worry we have got you covered with the top trending hairstyles of this season.

1. Stick Straight

Image Credit: Sharky (Pixaby)

The waves and curls take a backseat this season as the super slick straight hair make a major comeback. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it suits every face cut.

2. Pony Tails

Image Credit: Jordan Strohl

Tie up your hair because ponytails are back in style. High or low this hairstyle is super efficient and works well for all sorts of events be it an office meeting or a night of clubbing with friends.

3. Hair Colors

Image Credits: Alex Carson

We can’t talk about hairstyles without mentioning hair colors. This year the shades of purple is majorly trending also the glow in the dark hair trend is growning.

4. Embellishment On Hair

Hair accessory have always been pretty popular  but this year it the sparkle and glitter which is hot. The heavy hair accessories with bling is what you should opt for this season.

5. Long Bangs

Image Credit: Bill Angst

The eye length fringe or long bangs are perfect if you want to change your regular look. It’s super sexy and is being worn by all top actress at the moment.

6. Shag

Image Credit: Rebecca Fearn

If you plan to go short then get a shag haircut its in vogue and will stay hot throughout the year. It’s a small layered bob with layers this haircut is super easy to manage and the layers give your hair more volume.

7. Twin Buns

Image Credits:

You must have seen this hairstyle around well it’s here to stay. These super cute buns on top of your head is great for high street fashion and to get in touch with the child in you.

We would strongly recommend that you do a thorough research before fully changing your hair.  Once you have decided don’t back out and remember to wear your hair with confidence and a 100 watt smile.