9 Nail Trends To Rock This Summer Season 2017

Nail art is one of the best ways to show your creativity. Once someone gets involved in nail art its next to impossible to let go of this hobby. It’s supremely addictive. So, for all you fashionista’s out there, If you are wondering what should be the first nail design this summer. Then check out our list of super trendy nail art patterns which will be rocking summer 2017.

1.Beach Nails

The summer season is never complete without a trip to the beach. Who doesn’t like the sandy beaches and dips in the cold sea water? Surfing in the sea or just sunbathing these are little pleasures one can only enjoy at a beach. So, get in the mood and paint your nails bright hues of water blue and sandy yellow. Add innovative stickers like the palm tree or sea shells. These nails will get you loads of compliments on your next beach visit.

2.Ice-Cream Nails

Ice Cream Nail Art

Source :- Dahlia Nails

Everyone knows that the summer season is also the Ice-Cream season. Summer is the time when you can eat as much ice-cream you want to without having to think about the calories. So, if your ice-cream obsession is pure then why not splatter it all over your nails. There are various ways that we can do this either just get an ice-cream on random nail or cones on one set of hands and the cream on the other. Nothing will justify your love for ice-creams better.

3.Color Blocking Nails

Color Blocking Nails

Source :- Chalkboard Nails

Pick your favorite nails paints and get creative on your nails.  Color Blocking is a very simple DIY that can be repeated a ton of times by using a different set of colors each and every time. All you have to do is paint squares or rectangles in various colors and viola you are done.

4.Floral Nails

Floral Art Design

Source :- Prettydesigns

Flower nails are one such major nail trend which will never go out of fashion. Flowers look as good in real life as they will on your nails. Floral nail designs are very easy to master and work every time. If you are a beginner in the world of nail art, then choose a floral pattern. You can never go wrong with it.

5.Ombre Nails

Gorgeous Ombre Nail Art

Source:- Winkgo

This one has been trending for quite some time, and it is here to stay. The ombre color patterns play with a different shade of the same color. You either opt for lighter to a darker shade or the other way round.  An additional plus to this nail art is that if you once learn the technique, you can experiment with different colors and rock a new shade every time you step out.

6.Wave Nails

Wave Nail Art

Source:- Kamsamnida

Summer season is unimaginable without water. Be it swimming, diving, surfing or even boating. So, why not pay tribute to the nature’s miracle that is the waves. All you will need is your favorite blue color nail paint and a white nail color in matte. These nails will for sure have heads turning.

7.Striped Nails

Striped Nail Art

Source :- Youtube

For those of you who don’t know, let us inform you this time on runway stripes were ruling. Stripes have made a huge comeback. So, why should you stay behind? Pick any two complimentary colors and draw stripes on your nails they can be horizontal, vertical or even asymmetrical.

8.Fruit Nails

Red and Green Fruit Nail Art

Source :- Prettydesigns

As we all know that summer is the season of citrus fruits. Be it blueberries, strawberries, watermelons or lemons. These fruits rule the summer months. So why not incorporate this on your nails as well? Just choose your favorite fruit and DIY it on your nails. Everyone around will crave for a fruit juice when they see your nails.

9.Sparkle Nails

Sparkel and Fruit Nail Art

Source :- Ytimg

Shine bright, with nails that look like the highlight of the evening. You can do so by applying sparkle nail paint or adding bling accessories’. Regardless of what you choose, you and your nails will be the star of the event.

So, stock up on your nail paints and get going. As most of these nail patterns are pretty simple, we are sure you can DIY it as well.