21 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 25

Twenty-five (25) age when we are done with our education both masters and a bachelors degree. We are no longer dependent on dad’s money and mom’s cooking. Even though we are not ready to admit it, but we are officially an adult by this age. Even the government thinks that it is okay for us to drink. So, twenty-five is not just another birthday but a trademark of the fact that now you are an individual who is responsible for herself. This is the time in your twenties where you need to have things in order. So, we have made a list of twenty-one things that you better have sorted before you blow out the candles on your birthday.

1.Classic White Shirt

I am sure that you are aware that a white shirt is one such clothing article that you can wear anywhere and get away with.  Be it your office or movie date or a night of clubbing.  This multipurpose clothing garment can be paired with anything from denims to a skirt and is a life saviour. So, invest in a goof shirt and have it ready at all times in your wardrobe.

2.Perfect Pair of Denims

All through our teens and early twenties we have experimented with all sorts of denims. From ripped jeans to bell bottoms by now you should know what suits you the best. Choose denim which makes you look thinner and taller. Know the brand and your size so, you are sure about the jeans you wear.

3.Individual Identity Proof

It’s high time that you skip using dad’s adhaar card and your brother’s driving license.  Go to the government’s office stand in long queues and get your identity proof made.  Nowadays you can even get such things done on the internet. I understand that it is super annoying but it is extremely important so be an adult about it and get it done.

4.Perfect Set Of Lipstick

Perfect Set of LipstickAll through your early twenties you have been using all sorts of lip colors. So, makes sure you know about that one particular shade that compliments your complexion stays long and is affordable. Make sure that you never run out of this particular lipstick as it is part of your signature look.

5.Your Hair Care Brand

From colouring your hair to chopping them off. We have experimented with our hair enough be it curling or straightening regularly but make sure you know how to damage control. By 25 you should be aware of that one brand which will help your hair fight the split ends and dryness.

6.Real Jewellery

Move over the plastic floral earrings. Now, that you have grown up a bit start investing in real silver. Take baby steps and start with silver and then go on to gold. Start saving a part of your salary and buy jewellery not because this is no less than an investment.

7.A Living Thing

Now, that you are a grown up you can understand why your parents were so against the fact of keeping a pet. A pet requires a full time attention and if you feel that you are capable of that then, go ahead. If not then take responsibility of a fish or even a plant would do.

8.A Go-to Dress

Regardless of the fact you are a fashion fanatic or not you should have one such dress that fits you well and you can keep it as a back-up. It can be a LBD or floral dress but something that is a dress that you can always rely on.

9.One Piece Of Furniture

Now, that you have started living alone you should have a piece of furniture something that shows your personality. You might be living in a rented flat but that particular sofa or wall clock depicts your taste.

10.A 4am Friend

Life can be tough at 25 from heart breaks to horrible bosses. If one night you feel alone and depressed you should have that one friend who will readily come to your aid with a great listening capacity. Be it 4 am in thee night or 2:30 in the afternoon. Your friend should be there to catch you when you fall.

11.Good Relationship with Parents

We all have had that rebel phase with our parents but now that you are a grown up its high time that you’re burry them all. After all, you are what you are because of them.

12.A Savings Account

Now, that you are making your own money you can buy whatever you need and want. But make sure, that you save some for a rainy day. Savings is a habit and will take some time to inculcate. Remember, saving is as important as earning.

13.A Perfect Pair of Heels

A comfortable pair heels which makes you look super is a must. It should be something you can wear the whole day.

14.A Stamped Passport

You are twenty five; make sure that you have had at least one foreign trip. Travelling opens your thinking and perspective by significant measures. It gives you an exposure like no other.

15.A Physical Exercise You Like

By now, I am sure that you know that maintaining your body is extremely important. That doesn’t mean that you have to go hit the gym but explore enough physical exercises that you can do one on regular basis. It can be yoga, cycling, walking, swimming or even dancing but make sure that you do it loyally.

16.A Small Library

We understand everyone is not a reader but books are powerhouses of knowledge and by 25 you should have at least 4 to 5 such books that you love. These are the books which you can recommend ahead and have given you some life lessons.

17.Healthy Relationship with Siblings

You fought, cried and made up numerous times but don’t let something crease the bond you have with your brother or sister. You both belong to the same family and it is important for your parents to see you together. So, burry all the issue and be there for each other.

18.A Dish That You Have Mastered

You don’t have to be a pro chef but that you have to learn more things in the kitchen than egg and Maggi.  So, learn one such dish that you make the best and you are known by it.

19.A Make-up Look

We see and try about millions of different make up looks from you tube. Sometimes we are lucky other times not so much but by twenty five you should have that one make-up look that suits you and you can do it in five minutes. This make-up look should be versatile and you should be able to wear it anywhere.

20.Body Confidence

By twenty five you should be comfortable in your own skin. Be happy with what you see in the mirror. You should be confident with your scars and your marks. Don’t let anyone’s opinion on your body disturb your mental peace.


You should know what you are working towards and be focused on your aim. Be ambitious and bright. Work towards what you want to achieve in life by diligence.

These things will help you be a responsible adult. We admit that it is not much, but still, it is a start.